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Why Us


Many people think of the law as a cold and rarefied profession. They see the courts as a forbidding and dangerous realm of calculating lawyers using obscure and erudite knowledge to manipulate the uninformed. They suspect that when they walk into a lawyer’s office, the lawyer only sees a potential for billable hours and not a human being with emotions, hopes and fears. And the sad truth is that those prejudices people harbor about the law and lawyers are sometimes correct. What separates the law firm of Barbuto & Johansson, P.A. (“BARJO”) from the common run-of-the-mill law firm is the emotional connections it fosters and maintains with its clientele.  Indeed, as class actions attorneys, it is impossible to build relationships with the entire class, but at BARJO, we do our very best.

BARJO follows the principles set forth in the case of Berger v. Compaq, 257 F.3d 475 (5thCir, 2001) which states “[c]lass action lawsuits are intended to serve as a vehicle for capable, committed advocates to pursue the goals of the class members through counsel, not for capable, committed counsel to pursue their own goals through the class members.”

Additionally, we believe that in addition to a razor sharp knowledge of the law, the most successful attorneys also understand the emotional ramifications of the cases they take on. It is our experience that the rational application of legal knowledge is enhanced when the practicing attorney understands the larger emotional context of a case.

Although, the humanistic approach at BARJO necessarily begins at the individual level, the connections it develops inevitably spread into a larger network of relationships, and ultimately, a class.

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